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Powerful, Visual, Drag and drop web store

Build a website with a web store better than any webmaster. There is no HTML required, and you get maximum creativity with a wysiwyg interface with no coding. SiteGIDGET does the coding for you, and makes your website search engine friendly and ultrafast, by automatically generating all the CSS and compliant html for your site. No webmaster service required.

Easy for beginners, website designers and webmasters.

E-business website builder is easy for beginners, designers and pros

If this is the first time you are building a website, you will be using the easiest website builder available online.  SiteGIDGET uses a WYSIWYG "what you see is what you get" designer interface, allowing maximum website design. You'll be able to choose from pre built professional website templates, and you'll be able to customize every aspect of these template layouts. Not just the website logo, but everything on the webpage.

As you build a website, it generates REAL HTML that is searchable on Google and all other popular search engines. Your web site will be as good as anything any webmaster / website designer could ever create. What's more, with our browser "bookmarklets", you can start editing any published page just by browsing your website like your visitors do. Found a spelling mistake? Click the bookmark to launch the website builder interface right on that page. No other e-business website builder can do that! 

If you're a designer, SiteGIDGET is the perfect tool for creating fully functional web sites.  You will be able to create website templates for web sites using the SiteGIDGET Website Template Software in a matter of seconds.  You simply upload your layout and generate pages based on that layout.  In addition, you get to enjoy being a website designer and not an HTML coder. Once you have completed the website for your customer, you can hand it over, with multiple editing privileges to your customers, allowing or restricting access to areas of the website of your choosing.

If you are an HTML Pro or Webmaster, SiteGIDGET allows you to manage every aspect of the pages.  You can generate fully functional CSS layouts, and compliant HTML using the CSS Template Designer.  You have access to the HTML for every aspect of the web site such as, web images, interactive forms, text, JavaScript and more.  In addition, SiteGIDGET is also a fully functional E-Business shopping cart, allowing you to create thousands of products through our import tool.  You can manage customer data, orders, shipping and more. Once you have designed a website, you can provide your customers with limited access through permission based privileges. More here

WYSIWYG E-Business Website Building Software


Never be stuck with your current template again!


One of the key flaws of other e-business website builders or CMS services like Joomla or Wordpress is that their template creation process is so complex that it is better off left for designers. Our revolutionary template builder process uses the exact same tools and interface that our page builder uses, giving you the freedom to make your own templates in mere moments. Just upload your template image, drag a couple of boxes and sliders into place, and you're done! More Here
Learn more about our DIY E-Business Template Builder website-template-builder.jpg

Hosting, multiple domains, webmail service and SSL


You can use your own domain name or you can buy a domain name and add it to your site.  In addition, we offer packages that include domain names as well.  SiteGIDGET offers professional grade e-mail services, SSL certificates, TRUSTe privacy services and more. More Here

Use your own domain name yourdomain.jpg

Not just a Paypal button like the other website builders!


SiteGIDGET shopping cart software is the perfect solution for any E-Business. SiteGIDGET shopping cart uses, Paypal, Google Checkout,, Payflow Pro and you can integrate any outside HTML shopping cart. If you're building a storefront, you will be able to manage one product or 10,000 products in moments.  You can track custom orders, customer shipments and your customers will be able to review all of their orders, tracking numbers and coupons directly from the site.  In addition, SiteGIDGET Shopping Cart uses the Groupon plug in, you will be able to offer and manage Groupon deals directly from your website.  More Here

e-commerce-cart.jpg authorize-net-merchant-account-shopping-cart.jpg account-with-paypal-website-builder.jpg google-checkout-shopping-cart.jpg verisign-payflow-pro-merchant-account-signup.jpg ebay-shopping-cart-integration.jpg groupon-shopping-cart-integration.jpg tour-ecommerce-product1.jpg E-Business Online Shopping Cart

But you can host non-E-commerce sites anywhere


Although hosting is included with every account, you may want to host your web site outside of the system.  SiteGIDGET FTP allows you to export your non e-Commerce website to any hosting company in the world. More Here

Host non e-commerce e-business websites anywhere

Built-in support for Google Analytics, Google XML Sitemap, and more


Google search engine optimization is built into the system.  You'll be able to track every visit to your web site using Google analytics, you'll be able to submit your Google xml site map and have your site indexed automatically. For advanced users, webmasters, Google conversion codes helps track sales and more.  As your website grows or is updated, your site map is updated automatically providing Google the freshest information about your website.  More Here

google-analytics.jpg Google Website Tools and SEO

Instantly drop Youtube videos, MP3 players and images onto your page


SiteGIDGET website software gives you total control of your website media.  Upload Images, slide shows, video, YouTube, MP3 players and more to your website with no ftp.  Using simple drag and drop controls, you'll be able to manage every aspect of your media library using online tools that you already know. More Here

online-image-library.gif Insert images and videos onto your e-business website builder

Create forms, navigation menus, slideshows and more in seconds


There's a reason why we called our web site software "SiteGIDGET". We offer "Gidgets" that can be dropped directly onto your pages during the website building process.  Some of these include:

Dynamic forms - allow you to create interactive forms for your customers to fill out.  The information is sent to your e-mail and is also stored within the customer management section of the SiteGIDGET website software.  All form data can be downloaded via an Excel spreadsheet.

Webpage Navigation menus - unlike other web site builders, SiteGIDGET allows you to create navigation in any way that you see fit.  You can add as many navigation Gidgets on a page as you would like and style the navigation to your liking.

Website Slide shows - SiteGIDGET offers slide shows that can be read by search engines.  The slide shows do not show up as flash slide shows, but readable, downloadable, accessible slide shows that can be seen on standard browsers as well as mobile devices.

Free Web Calendars - create a calendar on any page by simply dragging the calendar Gidget into your desired location.

Social networking plugins - using the social networking Gidgets you can drop Facebook and Twitter directly onto any of your pages. More Here

Insert advanced content onto your e-business website in seconds

Let our resident expert show you the tips and tricks you need to be a "Power User"


Read our e-business website builder "Power Blog" series

Our senior developer has forgotten more about our e-business website builder than you or I will ever learn-- that is, of course, unless you read his blog! In-depth and easy to follow, this blog series exposes all the hidden nooks and crannies of our website builder and shows you how to get the most out of your e-business website using our builder. Articles focus on our gidgets, design tips, hidden features, and more.

Become the webmaster you used to have to contract out for your e-business! And if you're already a webmaster, use the knowledge you already have within our website builder to be more productive than you've ever been. More Here

Social media is more important for e-businesses now than ever, and SiteGIDGET does its part. You can post a link to your newly published page on your Facebook wall, or on your Twitter feed, right in the website builder interface on the webpage you're currently editing. This results in higher efficiency, and you don't have to try to remember to promote your pages later, when it's too late.


"One-stop-shop" lets you publish your page -- and promote it -- with one button click


At SiteGIDGET we help e-businesses create a community of users that will continue to return to your website in order to stay up-to-date. We want you to feel like you're in that same sort of community!

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